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Defining Dimensional Learning


In an increasingly flat world, learning has the potential to become more and more dimensional.  So, what exactly is dimensional learning?  There is really no brief way to describe it.  However, it can be easily contrasted to less desirable, flat learning.  Yes, that’s right–  In our flat world, dimensional learning is much more preferable than flat learning:

Flat learning is passive learning, whereas dimensional learning is active learning.  Flat learning is bound by time, location, and someone else’s ideas.  Dimensional learning offers opportunity, choice, and a different perspective. 

Whereas flat is status quo and stagnant, dimensional is innovative and ever-evolving.  Flat learning scratches the surface and can be easily reproduced. Dimensional learning is a one-of-a-kind and value added.  Flat learners merely consume content; dimensional learners produce and share it.  For learners to grow dimensionally, they need to have freedom to discover their potential, find their talents, synthesize, and apply.  Such learning is timeless. 

As we spot evidence of dimensional learning every day, we long to see it more frequently.  How can we capitalize on the atmosphere our flat world offers to give learning more dimension?  It is with this question that we start the conversation…