Leave Taking


“Perhaps it would be more accurate to call it, “your big new start.”” – Seth Godin
Well, it’s officially official. After 17+ years in the classroom I am putting the dry erase markers aside and couldn’t be more  excited for my new start. My title is Architectural Representative for Conners Sales Group. New decade in May required a new challenge. From my first no-internet-invented-yet classroom in Cincinnati OH to fantastic Providence Heights Alpha School to the challenge of helping to open a new middle school in Virginia to connecting classrooms globally, I have always tried to put student learning first. From co-authoring an article in Educational Leadership to being a local, state, national, and international conference presenter to the Steering Committee of the Virginia Geographic Alliance (becoming Nat Geo certified)and on the  Board of Virginia Council of Social Studies to being involved with The Carol Morgan School in the DR, my teaching career has been extremely fulfilling. (Sorry run ons my LA peeps). Thanks to so many who have collaborated, believed in me, and just became friends. I hope we can stay in touch and I will still lurk in #sschat and other chats. Thanks for indulging me on some memories.
Just breathe. 😊


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