Perspective Change With A Tweet


It was @thelkowski that got me into twitter – she is always on the cutting edge of technology and I, of course, wanted to jump in after. So, I signed up in 2009 and it felt like being on the edge of a conversation. I had read how to get involved but it felt strange to me and I just didn’t quite see it yet. It was when @thelkowski called in June of 2010 with her exciting news of attending #gtauk that I began to “get” the power of being able to be involved. In July, 2010, I added the hashtag #gtauk and began what would become my go to resource, PD, and support that my own school could not provide. That day provided the confidence I needed to be able to add to the conversation of #edchat shortly after. I remember with excited nervousness when I got my first retweet and someone asked me a question. Wow! It was absolutely a shift in perpective from that point. I had found a global community who shared my passion for education, reform, student learning, and allowed me to collaborate.

Collaboration for me is like breathing – necessary for growth. I honestly do not remember when I found #sschat but when I did, I was home! I get support, resources, challenge, and friendship with a group of fantastic educators I admire and respect. They are the best of the best. Fast forward just over a year and I was asked moderate #sschat. What? Me?  Just as Elle Woods would say – “I did it!” It has confirmed everything I believe in – global collaboration and student centered learning.

A quick recap for those new tweeters:

  • Find a hashtag to start with – #sschat, #edchat, – for a complete list see @cybraryman1 ‘s website.
  • Tweet to add to the conversation – find one or two ideas to tweet. For my first retweet, I shut my eyes and hit send, that’s how nervous I was. But it worked, someone noticed.  It gets easier with every tweet.
  • Tweeting is like anything else, I was trying to keep up with everyone, but I realized that those who tweet me back and add to my PLN are the ones I care about now.
  • Remember that you are an amazing educator and you will be an asset to twitter. Tweet away! Don’t forget the hashtags! It really does add to the experience as it gets to more people. Some of my best follows now are from retweets.
My perspective changed with one tweet and now twitter has become my best PLN I’ve had in my career – I am excited to meet some of my #sschat PLN in December at the NCSS conference. I look forward to talking all things student learning and Social Studies!
Happy tweeting and see you all Monday nights at 7 pm EST for #sschat – I promise great resources, conversation, and support.

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