Be The Vision


After having a few weeks of frustration with others in my building about engaging students in meaningful learning, it is through my conversations and inspirations on Twitter that have made me realize that I must press on. It is important for all of us on Twitter to press on. If I can re-charge (change is difficult) two while everyone on Twitter does the same, to shift learning from teacher model to student model, imagine the influence. And those two re-charge two more and so on. I’m not a math teacher, but it would create a seismic shift. Many of us are the lone student centered educator in our buildings but I am here to stand with you. Let the Twitter community help change our school community. And keep sharing the inspiration!


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  1. Thank you, for I too feel alone in my school. But I know I have to keep on pushing and doing what my heart and brain tell me is right for my students. I know that the students appreciate and benefit from my methods. Because student centered learning works for so many students, I enjoy truly heterogeneous classes. Other teachers will come in my room and say “I didn’t see you, you blend right in”. Little do they know I consider this high praise!

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