A Long Road


In celebrating a “Congratulations, you’ve been accepted” letter my son received today, I am reminded what a long road it’s been in his education and it is part of why am a compassionate teacher. My son’s school journey began 20 years ago and from the 1st day of Kindergarten, he was a square peg in a round hole. He did not have one year in 12 that education inspired or challenged him. It took me until his 9th grade yr to get special ed services. We lived in a Blue Ribbon school district and he had wonderful teachers.  It wasn’t the teachers, it was the system. His teachers gave him extra time, modified tests, and other supports that helped him graduate high school. He even went to college for a semester back in 2003.
Just let me say, also, that technology would not have made a difference. What he needed is what most schools are still doing- NOT creating learning spaces that educate outside the box. He needed less structure, more student centered learning. He is smart, articulate, and has now finally (at 26) gotten “the letter” from his dream school. He is still a square peg in a round hole but has the maturity to figure out what to do with that.
When will we be able to educate those who don’t fit into our “good student” model? Get rid of schedules, desks, bells, and help students unleash their passions! Within the curriculum, of course (jk). 


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