It’s Not About The Technology


Many in education, politics, policy-makers and anyone else talking education reform are missing the point completely. I divide people into two categories: those who “get it” and those who don’t.  It’s not about the technology. It’s about deeper understanding,  critical thinking, and writing. Yes, writing is required for tech projects as students write storyboards for voicethread, scripts for animoto, outlines for prezi, notes to send to their Dominican Republic partners on Google Docs and anything else we do in Geography class. Students are collaborating, making decisions, and designing. I wish those who don’t “get it” would come into my classroom and talk to the kids. But don’t talk to them about the tech, talk to them about what they are learning. Ask them where they did research, ask them to defend their learning.  They can! They own it.

It’s not about the technology and as I post this I know those that will read this “get it.” But as states and districts grapple with what to do with the technology, these examples are critical. Let’s talk about the final product but let’s also talk about how students get there- researching, writing, editing, and real learning.


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