The Door


What an image to give words to what has been mulling around in my brain! It’s hard to see but there are 45 records (I actually had 45 records and can still hear my father yelling to turn down the music) glued to the door with chains and a lock. I was blown away at the symbolism and beauty in this door.  This photo perfectly represents what is happening in education today – locking down student learning, putting technology behind the bars and calling it innovative. Unless students own their learning, contribute to their learning, and create their learning, they are still like the old 45’s – great, but not brilliant. I am hopeful that some educators are finding ways to unlock student learning. Why am I hopeful?

As some of you know, I have discovered twitter. I have been “lurking” (as it is called) there, slowly getting my feet wet. Over 800 posts later, commenting on linked blogs, and learning to “RT” the good stuff, I am feeling the locks coming off about my frustration of feeling alone in my own school. I am even tweeting within #sschat, #edchat, and participating on eliminate with peers around the world! The coolest thing for me is that I am confident that I can contribute as much as any other educators on twitter. I am one of “them” and every follow is like an affirmation that I can make a difference; I can help unlock what education needs to be about – student learning. I have a renewed enthusiasm to blog, share, and get my students in the conversation.  After all, it’s about them!


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  1. Here Here! I’m also new to twitter, and I can’t get over what a fabulous community of teachers I was missing out on. The ideas and links that fly across cyberspace are truly inspiring. Teaching can be a solitary profession with all of it’s closed doors, but being on twitter is like getting together for a party with the other teachers that are driven by passion and hope hope rather than those who just complain about students. It’s getting a little dose of professional development every day!

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