Twisted Perceptions


I was quite amused by Don Tapscott’s depiction of today’s generation.   At first glance many educators would likely agree – would you?  Kids these days…  Easy to say, huh?  Great for the self esteem, too.  We are quickly counting them out and throwing in the towel of the future.

So what is behind the generational disconnect?  Why can’t we see their potential?  Could it be that we are asking them to do the same things in the same way that we did many years ago?  Do generals tell their soldiers to follow the same strategy and use the tools used a generation ago because they are not comfortable with the weapons of today?  We have an educational arsenal at our fingertips that we aren’t using.  What a waste of talent! 

We need to guide this generation to help them develop into what they are capable of becoming.  Our strategy needs to change…  Maybe it is time to look in the mirror and ask, “What can I do to reach them?”  This is our responsibility.  Thank goodness Don Tapscott seems to understand the need for reaching today’s generation. 
And as for the belief that kids today are bad (bullies and thieves) – I don’t buy it either…  In fact, some less than perfect behavior was occurring back in the day at even the best schools, including the elite junior high I call my alma mater.



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